Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Modest Proposal

I loved this book. It was another easy read. I love LDS romance novels. The writing is clean and the messages are top notch. This book was about a yound woman living in New York trying to make her place in the fashion world. She is in a (what she thinks) steady relationship with a man. She goes home for an annual meeting with her high school friends in St. George. It's there that everything changes for her. This is an exciting read with a great message about modesty and sticking up for what you believe in even when it isn't the popular thing to do.

What's The What

No I didn't die...I have been using my phone for most of my internet needs so I haven't had motivation to sit down and blog. This summer Mike and I were able to go on some fun hikes. We went with our friends Katie and Reed and their little girl. Our first excursion was to Timpanogous Cave. It was such a blast. I earned some nasty blisters from that hike. I felt really stupid because I almost died on the way up. My face was blood red and I felt like barfing. Pretty embarassing when a two year old walked it and was just fine. The next weekend we went to Zion's National Park for a weekend and had a blast! Mike had never been there before (he had never been to St. George either) so we went down and did some hikes and showed him some of The George.

On the trial up to the cave.

 Is Addie not the cutest little girl you have ever seen?! I am in LOVE with her!

Inside the cave. Yes that is my awesome bright red face. And this was after cooling down for 20 minutes.

 Mike took some pretty cool pictures of the cave formations. These are a few of my favorite.

 This is the view on our way back down from the cave. Beautiful if you ask me.
Our original plan was to camp the first night and to stay in St. George the second night. The first day we got there we hiked the narrows. I have always wanted to hike the narows and it was a blast! I wish we could have gone farther up the canyon but it was late by the time we got out and there were no camping spots. We ended up spending the night in St. George which was fine after a long day driving and hiking.

The Abbot's on the bus ride up the canyon. Addie was so cute she called the bus a train. I think that was all she wanted to do the whole time we were there. So CUTE!

A short stop and the point of the patriarchs.
 We saw this wild turkey on our stop.
We got to the trail head for the Narrows and these little guys were all over searching for food. Addie was kind enough to give them a taste of her granola bar when she dropped it on the ground.
The rest our some of the pictures take when we got to the actual Narrows trail.
 Mike climbed a crevass in the rock...happy guy. He got his shorts really wet in the process.

 Addie loved playing in the mud.

 I love this picture. Mike has developed an interest in to get him a better camera.

Our second day there we hiked to the emerald pools. I had gone on this hike a long time ago with my parents so it was fun to revisit it. I had some narly blisters from the Timp hike the week before and they had inflamed from the Narrows hike so I decided to sport my flip flops...LOVE. It was so wonderful. I did get a lot of weird looks and comments from people who passed us...oh well I was happy and that's what counts.
 Yes, I know Mike and I are in awesome shape.

Because we didn't camp our first night I didn't have the opportunity to cook our dutch oven meal that I had been so looking forward to. So Sunday when we got home I cooked it up in our backyard.

Chicken and potatoes with ham chunks

This is the pinapple upside down cake. It was so delish!