Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adoption Profile



Here are some of the pictures from our photo album on and a few extra.

 Mike's family:
This picture is the most recent family picture of Mike's family. It was taken on a family vacation to St. George, Utah when Mike's youngest brother got married.

Madison's family:
Our best pictures are the silliest ones.

Game Time!
Mike and Madison enjoy going to different sporting events and concerts.

This is a hike we took in Kauai on a family vacation. We love to travel and see new places.

Our two babies:
Jersee and Kali are best friends and we love having them in our home. These two are inseparable and often play and tease each other just like siblings. When it is time to relax they love to be right by the other ones side.

Extreme sledding:
Mike and Madison love to go sledding. Madison's parents had a cabin with one long, extreme sledding hill. 

Is that even POSSIBLE?
Mike has a great relationship with all of his nieces and nephews. They enjoy goofing off together.

One of the happiest days of our lives:
This was the day we started our eternal family.

Hiking to Dog Lake:



We love hiking and getting out of the house. We enjoy getting a group of friends together, including children, and going on hikes in our area.

Meant to be:
This was our second date. Little did we know that it would be the first of many pictures together. Since that day we have become the best of friends.

Annual pumpkin carving:
We have a party every year around Halloween with our friends to carve pumpkins.

This was on our trip to Seattle where we went on a Ferry to visit Bainbridge Island.

Every year we visit Mike's parents in Spokane for Easter. One of our traditions is smashing confetti filled eggs on each others heads.

Touring the town:
Our birthday's are really close together and so we always do something fun to celebrate. This past year we went to Las Vegas with some of our close friends and got to enjoy eating delicious food and seeing new places.

Just one of the kids:
Madison is the youngest of five children in her family and has been surrounded by nieces and nephews from the time she was 12 years old. This is when she discovered her deep love for children. Mike also loves the little ones and enjoys spending time with nieces and nephews from both families. Mike also loves spending time with nieces and nephews. He is often found playing games with them instead of hanging out with the adults.

Construction and photography:

Mike works as a construction manager and loves taking pictures.

Hoover Dam:
Every year Madison's niece has a cheer competition in Las Vegas. We always tag along to cheer her on. This last trip we got to take a trip to the Hoover Dam. Mike was in heaven as we learned about this engineering marvel and the rerouted traffic bridge.

Road tripping:
We go on many road trips during the year. Most are to visit Mike's parents in Spokane. This shows Our typical roles on the road trip. Mike driving, Jersee and Kali using Mom as a bed, and Madison sleeping.

Chocolate kisses:
Mike is so funny. We spend a lot of our time joking around and making each other laugh.

Graduation day:
We both graduated from BYU. Education is very important to us and we will instill the same love for education in our children.

Temple lights:
We love visiting the temple every year around Christmas to see the lights.

Ready, set, go!:
Mike loves mountain biking. This is him at the beginning of one of his bike races. He recently started a mountain bike team with his best buddy for a local bike shop.

Mike even takes me on bike rides now and then.

Red as the rock:
On a hike near St. George. Madison was burned and was as red as the rock around us. We travel all around Utah for Mike's mountain bike races. This gives us such a great opportunity to find new places to go and explore.

Date night:
Summer is one of our favorite seasons because it allows us to get out of the house and do some fun things. Mike loves real golf and miniture golf and almost always wins. Madison won this particular game of golf which was shocking to everyone because her strategy usually is, hit the ball as hard as you can and see where it lands.

Remember if you know of anyone who would like to know more about the adoption process or would like to get to know us better let them know that they can contact us through email.


This year our goal is to go to all of the Utah temples. We started near the end of the year so this will take in to next year as well. These are from the 2-4 temples built in utah (Logan, Manti, and Salt Lake). We went to the St. George temple when Jon and Jessica got married in the spring.


We love going out to eat and trying new restaurants. I think I also love to take pictures of myself with a major glare in my glasses;) These are from a couple of places her in Utah. J-Dogs, Rio Grande Cafe, and Salt City Burgers.

7 Years

This year we celebrate our 7th year of marriage. We have made some wonderful memories and I have fallen more in love with Mike over these past 7 years than I ever thought was possible. I am so glad that I married my best friend!