Friday, January 4, 2013

The Christmas the Mayan Calendar Ended

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays not just because I get a week off of work but because it is a time when friends and family get together and a time to show love for others. This year we got a late start in decorating because we put hardwood floors right after Thanksgiving. I love putting the Christmas tree up Thanksgiving weekend but I had to wait. Thank goodness I had Michael Buble's Christmas and the Forgotten Carols to help tide me over.

We had lots of fun at our ward Christmas party where my dad got to play Santa, my mom's Santa party, and the various ward and friend parties we had. My dad was such a trooper and he dresses up as Santa two times in one day. It just so happened that my parents party and our ward party were on the same day.

This year was extra special because I got to spend some much needed quality time with my favorite guy. Mike had the entire week and two days off with me!! He only had to work the Friday after Christmas and then the rest of the time he was mine! I hope next year is a repeat of this years fun!

This is Christmas morning. Mike is pretty skeptical and Kali was jealous that she didn't have anything to unwrap so she rolled around on the ground to try to get in on the fun. I love the piece of wrapping paper that is stuck on her sweater.

After opening presents we went to Merlin's for breakfast and then we went to see Les Miserables. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews out there but I LOVED it!! I cried the entire time and was deeply touched by the performances of the actors. I felt like all of the actors did a exceptional job portraying the real emotion that would have taken place in that situation. When some of they sang it wasn't perfect like in the musical but they were able to sing with emotion to the point they were even crying themselves. After the movie we went to my parent's house for the annual bake-off. This year the rules were changed a bit and the adults made appetizers and the kids made dessert. I didn't get many pictures of the dessert but even my littlest nieces and nephews did a great job. There was not one thing that wasn't delicious.

Miles made three kinds of wings with a delicious cilantro blue cheese dipping sauce. I am not a huge hot wing fan but these were to die for!

 Matt made crab cakes and took home the win.

Shannon made potato skins. These were delish especially with Mile's dipping sauce.

 Merlin made Thai coconut soup which tasted just like the soup at Mae Kong my favorite Thai restaurant. High marks for him.

 Mike and I coped out this year and made the tried and true party favorite...little smokies.

For dessert Sydney took home the win with her fabulous creme brûlée. Tanner made a first called Martabak which is a chocolate and cheese pancake from Indonesia. He searched the web for weird but delicious desserts and this was number one on the list. It sounds gross but is quite good. Porter and Fisher made pumpkin gooeys which was like a pumpkin pake (pie and cake). I am not a huge pumpkin fan but it was SOO GOOD And Jenacee mad these beautiful mint Oreo cupcakes. Did I mention that my family is full of talented cooks? There was not one dessert or appetizer that I didn't love.

After dinner and dessert we opened presents and the kids got to go fishing for cash. These are some of the handfuls of coins that were pulled out. Jen got the gold dollar in her handful so she got the $15 shirt and pants cash prize.

These are just a few extra pictures of the festive day. I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas!

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