Saturday, June 8, 2013

Memorial Day Splash

Memorial Day is such a fun day in my family. We all get together and spend time making great memories. We usually go up to my brother's house for a fun day filled with sun and swimming.

This year Mike had a race at Corner Canyon which is really close to my brother's house.
Here's my handsome guy getting ready.

Then the family came over and the fun and food began. We played in the pool all day except for the short moments when we needed to refuel and grab some food. I love how even though the ages in nieces and nephews vary from 17 to 4 they all play and have a great time together. They even include me in the fun. One of our family friends was there and they said to me "Madison, I didn't even realize you were here. I just thought you were one of the teenagers." Best compliment ever!

 Kayla and Kylie getting ready to take the plunge.

 Shannon soaking up some rays.
Dad getting some Z's.

 Syd showing all the kids who's boss in the diving board "HORSE" game.
 Isn't my nephew a stud?!

 It was Port-man's birthday. What a way to celebrate!

 Yep we're pretty cool. Tanner needed to hold all of our feet together but we finally worked it out.
This is my favorite picture of the day. These kids are so much fun!

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