Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We were SO lucky to escape the cold in November and go on our first cruise. We left the Friday before Thanksgiving to fly to Florida and left the next day to board the Carnival Liberty. We had a lot of fun! We went with some of the most fun people we know! My brother Merlin and his family and my mom and dad.

Our first stop on out cruise was a private island in the Bahamas called Half Moon Kay. This was by far the most relaxing stop because all there was to do was relax on the beach. There wasn't a port for the boat to dock at so we dropped anchor and took little boats to the island.
 On the way to the island.
 As we got closer to the island the water got more beautiful.
 Our boat from the island.

 Mike and Tanner entered a hairy chest contest. Mike should have won… but it turned out to be more about humiliation than hairy chests.
Tanner was the first eliminated, but he did his 3 chest hairs proud.

Our next stop was St. Thomas. We took a "tour" (which is just a taxi ride) around the island and got to see some pretty awesome views.

I'm not going to lie… my face did not look like this on our ride. I though I was going to die multiple times. I am just glad that I didn't have to drive around the island. Crazy fast driving on narrow roads.

Next we went to Puerto Rico. I wish we could have spent more time here. There was so much to see and we only got a few glimpses at some of these amazing places.
 Our first stop was a garden preserve which was pretty cool… I have more pictures but they are mostly of flowers. These people are much cooler than flowers.
 Our next stop was a tower.

 My mom's face is pretty priceless. I can't remember why she was making that face… maybe the heights?
 Crazy big bug.

 This is the place that I REALLY wanted to spend some time at but we only got 20 minutes. This was at the fort.
 Iguanas were everywhere… it was neat.

 Mike tried the Puerto Rican dish called Mufungo and loved it.
Syd the budding photographer too a picture of the cruise ship in my sunglasses.

Our last stop was Grand Turk. This is a tiny island. Everything is imported. We took a Segway tour of the island and it was HILARIOUS. It went something like this, "this is Jon's house", "this used to be a park before the hurricane", "this is a bar", "this is a church", "this is another bar". Yep, pretty awesome. I was petrified of using the Segways because EVERY small machine that I use I crash or mess up in some way. I was a Segway MASTER! That's right I ate my words after awhile and decided that I want to own a Segway one day.
 The water wasn't the best, but I guess it had lots of creatures… that's right… I spent most of my time on the beach and not in the water. 
 Me rocking the Segway.

We had some good times on the boat too. I spent most of my time in the bedroom because I wasn't feeling well but I was able to get out a few times and experience some new things. I had my first massage, watched a "dive-in-movie" on the lido deck by the pool, ate some good food, and did yoga. Doing yoga while on a rocky boat is pretty awesome. It adds a whole new level to balance.

When we got back to Florida my parents caught a flight home and the rest of us went to Key Largo for a couple of days. The resort was beautiful, even if it was a man made beach and the pool was awesome. We took a drive down to Key West and had some fish (Mike was so happy) and real Key Lime pie. 

It was such a great vacation and there were so many firsts for both Mike and me. 

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