Monday, May 24, 2010


Man it has been awhile since I have even touched the computer...besides at school for grading. I have been so busy getting everything ready to end the year. I have had a terrible time being motivated to do anything. My wonderful, sweet husband has been so wonderful and has taken care of me. He recently graduated...I am so proud! He changed majors three times so he has been a student for 7 years. about a month before he graduated he found a job in his field which I we are so grateful for and SO blessed. I will be doing my half year update on my goals soon. I was going to do a quarterly update but didn't. So here we are halfway through the year and I still need to do my first update. That is one of the most important things in goal completion is goal check-ups to see how you are coming on your goals, revamp, change, or make them more realistic. Hoping to get out of this mid-year funk soon.

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