Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goal Check-Up

This is my personal grade for the half year mark of my goals. Pretty sad...but it is time to remotivate myself.

Spiritual Goal: Reading the scriptures D- I was really good at the beginning...not so good now. Pray C I do pray throughout the day but I don't give myself time to think and meditate.

Mental: Read 27 books. I have read 8 out of 27. I am not counting the books that I have already read and have read again this year. That means I have 19 books left to read.

Physical: C- We got a gym membership and I was really good for a month we went everyday...then as usual I happens and I got stuck. Time to remotivate myself.

Emotional: A+ I finished a quilt in January and have finished a few other crafts since then as well.

Personal: Get out of debt. B- we are still working on it. Budget is in place now we just have to take it one month at a time:)

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