Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food, Portland & Some Beach

So I was looking at my phone and realized that I forgot a very exciting part of our trip to Cannon Beach. The drive. Because the drive is SO long we decided to break it up into two days with a little layover in Portland. Being the food crazed person that I am I knew about this little doughnut place and I HAD to got there. I looked up on food network and found a place to get lunch as well. So on the way to and from Cannon Beach we got out of the car and toured the greatest places in Portland (I'm a little biased because we were there for a total of 3 hours :).

First stop Bunk Sandwiches
Mike got the Meatball Sub. Look at all of that CHEESE! Everything is made from scratch in this wonderful sandwich establishment.

This was the sami that was raved about on the food network. I can't remember the name but I think it was the Pork Belly Cubano. Let me just say DELISH!

Next we drove around downtown for like a century trying to get to an ATM...(Portland has crazy amounts of one way roads) that we could go to VooDoo Doughnuts. We got the cash and drove on over...only to find the longest line known to man kind! So we didn't stop in on the way there. But we did make it on the way back where we were fortunate enough to get right in because Rob and Bri (Mike's bro) were waiting in line for us...I love family:) Here is our spoils...

Let's just say it was well worth the wait and had I known they were this delightful I would have stopped on the way there too! Yes that is a BACON MAPLE BAR! Let's just say that from now on I will be putting a couple of strips of bacon on top of my maple bars from now on! They are what I dream about at night and what I will be feasting upon in heaven!

Here are some pictures that I forgot to post in my Cannon Beach blog.

Every 4th you have to go to Seaside for the fireworks...but mostly for the Elephant Ears!

Pizza a' Feta. I always forget to take pictures before I actually start eating...but that does say something about the deliciocity of the can't wait to eat it...not even for a picture.
This was at Pizza a' Feta with the fam. I loved how the T.V. was on so the kids could barely pay attention to their food they were so ecaptivated with the show.
Last but not least the waffles at Lazy Susan's. These are the most delicious waffles known to man kind. They are oatmeal waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, bananas, and their homemade orange syrup! Like I said in my last post...I can't wait to go back. I dream about the food there often and it is making my mouth water at this moment thinking of all of my tasty travels in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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