Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Golf Champion

One night in July we went with our friends to go mini-golfing. I usually am quite dreadful and mini-golf but I enjoy it anyways. I am famous for one of my magnificent shots that when I hit the ball it went over the curb down the walkway and onto the green of the hole right in front of us. I have an issue with hitting the ball gently in mini-golf. I went into the night thinking that I would follow suit and have a massive loss just like every other experience I have had in the past. This night was not ordinary though and I was quite proud of the result and so that is why I am documenting the outcome with this blog post so that everyone out there in internet land can see how amazing and skillful I am:)

Look at hole 13 and 14...see that HOLE IN ONE!!! Two of them right in a row....I know I am awesome.

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