Thursday, November 15, 2012

All Hallows Eve-ish

My mom had to work the night of Halloween so we had to forego the usual tradition of food, games, trick-or-treating, oh and LOTS of candy the night of so we moved it up to the Sunday before. I was in charge of desert which means that I get to try something fun I found on Pinterest.
This was my creation for the night. I had been wanting to try the technique on the side of the cake for awhile but never had an excuse. I also died the cake inside with purple, teal, and black.
The cake was served after the "GHOST" (bingo) game and the mass amounts of candy so no one wanted cake:(

GHOST and an overload of candy:

It wouldn't be Halloween without king sized candy-bars for black out winners.

I didn't get pictures of all of the kids in their costumes but I got pictures of most of them throughout the night.
 I got a picture of her when she was looking at me but I thought this one was so much cuter! She loves her Aunt Shannon.

This is one of the twins....I think McKylie

Jen was a dang cute cow-girl

 Tanner had his first real date the night before at a school dance and was exhausted.

McKayla...I think... :)

 Syd borrowed Pheobe's mask... Yep, she rocked it!

 Dad was participating in his usual fashion.

We broke out the happy birthday hats to celebrate the October birthdays. I don't think any of the kids wear them like a's more like a horn.

I love how Shannon is so riveted with what Pheobe has to say.

And finally the night ended with sugar overload.

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