Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mom and Dad Come to Visit

Each year for Christmas we give our parents "A night on the town" with us. We are taking my parents to Les Miserables at the Pioneer Theater and to Ruth's Chris in May and Mike's parents came down for a visit for their night on the town a couple of weeks ago. We had such a great time! Mike's brother Jon is getting married at the beginning of May and so Mom, Dad and I went shopping looking for wedding stuff. We also went and visited Mike's grandparents and had lots of family time and good food. This year we took them to Bambara. We each got something different so we were able to taste more things on the menu.
 I got the sea bass. It was so good! After they cook the fish they put it under a salamander (a really cool broiler that makes things really crispy on top). The top of the fish was golden brown and crunch. Underneath it was a bed of leeks, and lentils cooked in duck fat.

 Mom got the filet. She had fingerling potatoes that were also cooked in duck fat. The two sauces on the plate were to die for.

 Mike had the new york steak and frites (aka fries).

Dad got the salmon. This came with brussle spouts and cauliflower puree.

While we were wandering around Costco we found the most amazing thing.

I refrained from buying anything that day but I soon returned to buy some. How could I let these treasures go! These are the cartoons from my childhood! They just don't make them like they used to.

I also got my Christmas present from Mom. She sent it home with Jon after Thanksgiving and I finally got it. Can I just say I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Mom O!
Yes, that is a giant pink Tupperware bowl!

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