Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week has gone by so quickly. Today my dad brought me the most BEAUTIFUL flowers! My dad never forgets his girls on Valentine's Day. I love him so much! Here is a picture of the flowers he gave me...they are my favorites!
Yesterday I celebrated Valentine's Day with my kids at school. Can I just say that I am so happy that I teach school because exchanging valentines as kids is one of the most fun things. I even decorated my own box this year. Here is is full of all of my wonderful treats.
This week my husband was sick so he stayed home. Can I just say that I have the best husband in the WORLD! When I am sick I lay down and do nothing all day. When I came home from work I found a clean kitchen and these waiting for me.
Everyone should have milk and cookies waiting for them after a long days work. Thanks Honey! I love you:)

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