Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Work on the Nusery

I am a pretty crafty lass sometimes... when I say that I mean I ENJOY doing crafts... with the help of Pinterest of course. Since we don't know when we are going to welcome a new little one into our family we are always preparing... we might only get a few days notice. Plus it is SUPER fun to decorate and get things ready. Of course everything has to be gender neutral but I haven't had to sacrifice any cuteness because of it. These are some of the things that we have completed so far.
 I am a little obsessed with owls and so that is the theme, if you will, for the nursery. I made this valence with the cutest owl fabric ever.
Before and after of a chair that I reupholstered. It isn't perfect for sure, but it is a large improvement.

 This past Christmas Mike got me a Silhouette. This is why I wanted one so badly... I have done lots of other things with it, don't worry. I'm not that silly that we would spend that much money on something for one project... it was just a really good excuse for getting one.

These last two aren't things that I made but that I am really excited about.
We bought this quilt at a silent auction for $50. Some of you may be saying "what a rip off!" But for those of you who know about quilting know that the fabric alone was probably $50 if not more. Then the time to put it all together and to have someone quilt it. I LOVE the way it looks and it is something I am so excited to add to the nursery.
I can't remeber when I heard about these books but I have been wanting them for a long time. Mike and I were killing some time at Deseret Book (very dangerous for us) and I came across these lovelies. Of course they had to be mine. I am so excited to read them to our children...they will have no choice but to be some of the most awesome kids alive after reading these. ;)

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