Sunday, March 28, 2010

Makin Cascarones

This year my family had our Easter erly because my mom will be visiting my dad for Easter and my brother Merlin was in town with his kids. I have been saving my eggs shells since my last post and I was able to get a few dozen saved up for the event. I decided to make my own die for the eggs because I didn't want to spend money on this project!

Step 1: What you will need.
Cups for the die
Food coloring
1 Tbl.
Put 2 Tablespoons of vinegar in the bottom of your glass. Put 1t.-1T. of food coloring in the vinegar and stur. Then add enough water to completely cover the egg.
I tried to do purple but it turned out really ugly :(

These are the finished eggs

Step 2:Finishing
Once all of the eggs are died you will need all of the following:
Dyed eggs
Confetti (go to Kinko's or Alphagraphic's and have them empty their hole punchers)
Tissue paper (My mom saves all of the tissue paper given to her in gifts)

Cut the tissue paper into squares big enough to cover the opening in the top of the eggs
Fill your egg with confetti (this is paper from the shredder which doesn't work as well)

Put glue around the opening

Place tissue paper over the opening
Ta Da! You are done...Now you and your kids can have a blast smashing them on eachothers heads. Even my little 3 year old nieces joined in!

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