Thursday, March 4, 2010

Start Saving Your...

Egg Shells!
My husbands family has the best tradition for Easter. They make Cascarones. Cascarones are egg shells filled with confetti. On Easter while the kids are going around looking for all of the candy filled eggs the adults get to join in and gather the cascarones and smash them on top of other peoples heads.
As you can see my husbands family really gets into it...all of those males trying to one up each other. The kids also ejoy the cascarones...

To Make:

When you are cracking the egg you need to make sure to only take the top off.
To do this all I did was take a regular butter knife and tap around the top of the egg. I dumped out all the egg-y goodness, threw the top shell away and washed out the inside. When the time comes you dye the eggs festive colors and fill with confetti. To seal off the top you take a piece of tissue paper and glue it over the opening. This is what the finished product might look like. (thanks to for the picture)

If you aren't up for the cracking and saving eggs you can buy them premade from the website above.

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